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Wake-on-LAN (WOL; в переводе с английского — «пробуждение по [сигналу из] локальной сети») — технология, позволяющая удалённо «пробудить» (включить) компьютер посредством отправки через локальную сеть специальным образом сформированного пакета данных (так называемого «magic packet» — «„волшебного“ пакета», см. ниже). Этот пакет может быть вставлен в пакеты любых стандартных протоколов более высоких уровней, например, UDP или IPX [1].



Wake on LAN allows a machine to be turned on by a special network packet containing the machine's MAC address. Because every machine in the world has a unique MAC identifier, you do not need to worry about accidentally turning on the wrong machine.

IMPORTANT: Wake on LAN across Different Network Segments

If the controlling machine is not located in the same network segment as the installation target that should be awakened, either configure the WOL requests to be sent as multicasts or remotely control a machine on that network segment to act as the sender of these requests.

Users of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9 and higher can use a YaST module called WOL to easily configure Wake on LAN. Users of other versions of SUSE Linux-based operating systems can use a command line tool.

Wake on LAN with YaST

  1. Log in as root.
  2. Start YaST Network Services WOL.
  3. Click Add and enter the hostname and MAC address of the target system.
  4. To turn on this machine, select the appropriate entry and click Wake up.

Manual Wake on LAN

  1. Log in as root.
  2. Start YaST Software Management and install the package netdiag.
  3. Open a terminal and enter the following command as root to wake the target:
ether-wake  mac_of_target (Replace mac_of_target with the actual MAC address of the target)

Wake a Mac from a PC and vice versa

It took me hours of research to figure this out, so I thought I would share the wealth regarding how to wake from standby/sleep a Mac from a PC, or a PC from a Mac. Please note that this was only tested on the latest versions of Windows XP and Panther on a local Ethernet network. Also note that some computers may or may not be able to do this (your mileage may vary) [2].

Please do your homework in regard to allowing your Mac or PC to be turned on remotely by all the naughty children out there.

Wake a Mac from a PC

First, get the necessary information from your Mac by first going to System Preferences, then Network. Select your built-in ethernet and click "Configure...". Under the TCP/IP tab, write down your IP Address and Subnet Mask. Click the Ethernet tab and then write down the "Ethernet ID." Your numbers should look similar to the following (hypothetical of course) example:

  • IP:
  • Subnet Mask:
  • Ethernet ID: 05:0b:95:87:10:3c

In System Preferences, go to "Energy Saver," click on the "Options" tab, and make sure "Wake for Ethernet network administrator access" is selected. Put your Mac to sleep, and take your noted numbers to your PC box. Download the "Wake On Lan" utility: http://www.depicus.com/wake-on-lan/wake-on-lan-gui.aspx. Put the IP Address in the "Internet Address" box, the Subnet Mask in the "Subnet Mask" box, and the Ethernet ID in the "Mac Address" box (remove the colons). Press the button "Wake Me Up," and your Mac should wake up accordingly. Note, you do not have to enter these numbers every time; the little program is smart enough to remember them.

Wake a PC from a Mac

On your PC, Right-click on "My Computer" on your desktop and click "Manage". Choose "Device Manager" then find "Network adapters" on the list. Click the + and launch your ethernet card properties box. Under the "Power Management" tab, make sure you allow yourself the ability to bring the computer out of standby. (not sure how this is done on your particular card). Close this window. Now go to your "Start" menu and choose "Settings" then "Network Connections" then "Local Area Connection." Click the "Support" tab, then the "Details" button. Write down the "Physical Address." This address will look like the "Ethernet ID" number earlier. Close this window. Put your PC on standby and go to your Mac.

Download the "WakeUp" utility: http://www.coriolis.ch/en/wakeup/. Add a computer to the list window and put in your PC's name and Physical Address number. Click the "Wake Up" button and your PC should wake up accordingly.

I hope this works for you and helps to make things easier in regard to WOL and WOMP commands.


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